water stainsThere are different ways on how to remove water stains on your carpet. Indeed, sometimes water stain on carpet can be hard to remove. Regrettably, become a carpets stain. Wine, cola, blood, and makeup can all leave difficult to remove stains on a carpet. However, who would have imagined plain old water could actually stain a carpet? Well, it can. Small quantities of sediment dissolved in the water can be left behind once a water spot dries, leaving a tell tale stain. Fortunately, in most cases, a water stain is not difficult to remove.

Things Needed:

Clean dry terry towel
Clean water
White vinegar


Natural Fibers

  • Water stains on natural fibers may develop what is referred to as “cellulosic browning”, a stain that can solely be removed by a trained carpet cleaning technician.

Synthetic Fibers (Nylon, Polypropylene)

  • Combine a solution of half water together with half white vinegar. The vinegar is acidic and will neutralize the alkalinity of the sediment that is certainly making the water stain.
  • Dampen a clean white terry towel with the water/vinegar solution.
  • Rub the towel lightly over the water spot. The aim is to get the tips of the carpet fibers wet, not to soak the carpet per se.
  • Let the carpet fibers dry. Hopefully, the stain is gone or otherwise lessened. If the stain is diminished but still noticeable, repeat the water/vinegar procedure until the stain is gone. Allow the fibers to dry in between each application.
Guidelines for Water Stains:
  • The most significant thing you can do to stop your carpet from staining is to react promptly to any spills. Blot up liquids using white paper towels or a clean absorbent cloth. Blot (never rub) the spill and work from the outside into the middle. Rubbing will only spread the stain over a bigger area.
  • Solutions that clean clothes will often clean carpets also. A laundry pretreating product on a fresh spill will most likely prevent it from permanently staining.

Each time you are trying to remove any stains from your carpet, at all times first test in an inconspicuous spot first.

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