Ways to Eliminate New Carpet Smell

Pleasant scents create a feeling of calm and contentment, while unpleasant ones may be a cause for alarm. Unfamiliar odors can create anxiety, especially when the source is unknown. In fact, the nose knows, as they say. But what about “new carpet smell?” For many, this odor usually is welcome as we enter a carpet store or have new carpet installed in our own homes. Indeed it smells like a new beginning. But is this smell hazardous?

New Carpet SmellMany people have felt unwell following having new carpets installed in their home or offices, according to a study. This has been blamed due to the adhesives as well as chemicals that manufacturers use to create the carpets. As a result, this can facilitate significant health hazards.

Standard carpeting is made from synthetic fibers, dyes, and finishes. Chemicals that are commonly used to make and/or protect carpeting such as:

4 – PC

4-PC is a substance used in the latex support of carpets. The chemical is strongest in new carpets and is used in 95 percent of all carpets. Eventually in accordance with Absolute Air Cleaners and Purifiers. New carpet smell danger us that has chemicals that can cause eye, nose and respiratory problems.

Dyes and Sprays

Dyes and sprays in new carpets are as well potentially dangerous. Majority of the dyes are artificial, and a number of carpets are sprayed with impermanent finishes that can cause respiratory difficulties.

Fire Retardants

Majority of carpets contain a chemical called PBDE, which aids in the prevention of spreading the fire. This chemical has been associated with thyroid damage and can cause difficulties in the immune system and brain development in humans.

Released Chemicals

Certain new carpets actually release chemicals out to the air of your home or office. Examples of these chemicals are acetone, benzene, ethylbenzene, formaldehyde, and toluene. These chemicals cause eyes, nose and throat irritations, as said by a 1995 research published in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.


Sorry to say, those that are most vulnerable to the dangers of new carpet smells are those who are closest to the floor and those who spend a lot of time on them. Susceptible persons are young children and pets. Children are more susceptible owing to their youth and weak immune system and because they spend more time all around the carpet.

How do you get rid of the new carpet smell?

  • Don’t bring them home.
  • Air purifiers with carbon filters.
  • Fresh air circulation.

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