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Carpet Protection is created exclusively for carpets. The self adhesive, super-tough, clear polyethylene film resists puncturing and is practically easy to maintain. Reverse wound for simple application.

When the task is completed, simply peel up the Carpet Protection and peel up job location dirt and grime. The carpet can be as clean as when you started off.

Carpet protection is an excellent strategy to protect an expensive investment. Soon after going through time, trouble and expense of installing a carpet, it only is practical that you would do everything you could to maintain your carpet appearing like new. Regardless if applied at the factory or at home, carpet protection provides you with satisfaction and makes cleaning up really easy.

Advantages Of Carpet Protection

  • Convenience of clean up. Carpet protection products minimize the capacity of spilled materials to grab onto carpet fibers. This makes the cleanup of spills rather simple.
  • A longer strategic window. The stain-blocking character of carpet protection products provides you with more time to handle a spill. Although you might want to take care of spills at the earliest opportunity, carpet protection can take away the “panic factor” associated with spill cleanup.
  • Less complicated maintenance. Besides carpet protection offering stain-fighting capacity, it also makes it more difficult for dirt to grab onto carpet fibers. Because of this, regular vacuuming is much easier and more efficient.
  • Enhanced appearance. Carpet protection solutions are obstacles to stains and dirt. This keeps your carpet appearing like new for a longer timeframe, increasing the worth of your carpet investment.

The Correct Way of Carpet Protection Application

Carpet protection solutions is usually applied in numerous ways:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) – A number of manufacturers offer homeowner-friendly DIY products that permit you to apply carpet protection. These products are ideal for adding extra protection in high traffic sites.
  • Expert Installer – An expert installer may apply carpet protection following installation. In case your carpet comes with carpet protection, the manufacturer will often advise that it be professionally re-applied following steam or hot water extraction carpet cleaning.
  • Factory – Carpet protection solutions are applied throughout the production process. Factory applied carpet protection stands out as the easiest technique, removing the wasted time and headaches of home application.