The three main methods for cleaning carpets is steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and foam which we provide an overview of here.

Carpet Steam Cleaners – Water Extraction

Some of the most popular are the hot water extraction machines, also known as Carpet steam cleaners, which are considered for deep cleaning. Hot water is forced into the carpet, along with cleaning chemicals and then the machine extracts the water and the dirt, by sucking it up like a vacuum. These are considered some of the most popular Carpet cleaning machine types and probably the ones that most people are familiar with. Carpet steam cleaners can cost anything from $100 for a basic type too $200 + for a higher quality carpet steam cleaner.

Dry Carpet Cleaners And Method

There is the dry compound carpet cleaner method that is used for heavily soiled carpets, by putting a cleaning compound into the carpet and dirt is uprooted, cleaned with a brush, and then vacuumed up.

Dry cleaning of carpets is commonly used on carpets that might have a problem with colorfastness, but is less effective on heavily soild carpet..

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Another carpet cleaning machine is the dry cleaning (just another name for it) or bonnet method, where the water and chemicals are applied and a bonnet or is run over the carpet by using a a rotary floor machine, usually.

The dirt, water and shampooing chemicals are to be absorbed by the bonnet when this method cleans the carpet, just not as deeply as the hot water extraction method. This is not a popular choice as various carpets can be damaged, especially carpet used within our homes, although many commercial settings find they have advantages.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

Foam cleaning is the use of foamy shampoo that is worked into the carpet and vacuumed in a couple hours, once it has dried. Although foam cleaning can also be done with an extraction machine that professional cleaning companies use.

When this method is done with a machine the cleaning machine resembles a buffer. Heavy traffic areas can benefit the most because the residue attracts dirt and grime, allowing it to be vacuumed up. There are times where Carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction might be needed. This is especially the case with deeply ground in stubborn dirt that needs to be shifted .

Selecting A Carpet Cleaning Machine And Method

Indeed, there are different effective methods too keep the freshness and beauty of your carpet. It can depend on the type of carpet you have and the individual situation, when it comes to selecting carpet cleaners, but foam, shampoo, bonnet, dry and Carpet steam cleaners offer different benefits.

Getting to the ground-in dirt means you need a carpet cleaning machine that will get to the padding, but there are a number of ways this can be accomplished. To prolong the life of your carpet, a regular carpet cleaning routine is necessary and the best home carpet cleaner for the job is an essential part of this formula.

Looking at the different types and brands within should help with making a decision which carpet cleaning machine suits your household needs and budget. However, keep the professional carpet cleaner in mind as most home carpet cleaning machines are hard pushed to give the same results.

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